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July 7, 2003
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Photo - Behind the Hills by tigaer Photo - Behind the Hills by tigaer
R.E.M. gave a concert in munich this weekend and since i'm a big fan of them i haven't missed it. the event can only be described with the word "fantastic". they rocked the town pretty nice. the next day i took the chance to visit the olympia park which was right beside my hotel. just a few steps and you have a paradise of possible things to capture with a camera ;) (Wink) .

i've captured about 400mb of pics and a lot worked out pretty good so you can expect to see some more in the near future. =) (Smile) the weather wasn't good but i tried to make the best out of it. all shots taken with a minolta dimage 7i.

well, happy viewing... =) (Smile)
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antisocialant Jul 16, 2003   Photographer
Wow, talk about sweeping lines! That slope of grass if beautiful and the opposite curve of the stadium really adds to it! The white sky melding with the border at the top and sides looks really good as well. I would imagine that it must have been hard to get such a shot without having any people in the frame...? Or was this an area not many people were in? Either way I really love this photo. Thanks for sharing it!
Really professionally done :) (Smile)
Love the conflicting curves and how you've added the white gradient at the bottem + the typo. It looks perfect.
Great shot too :D (Big Grin)

Later. /
To be honest, if the picture faded out more smoothly, without the sharpness of the straight line, this would look perfect..
The image is beautiful as is don't get me wrong =) (Smile) The contrasting colours are gorgeous :D (Big Grin)
sinn3r Jul 9, 2003  Professional Photographer
Great shot!
furryphotos Jul 8, 2003  Professional Photographer
Nice shot there. Its great how you can see things like that.
the green and white! awesome colors tho there are only 2 they match real well. +fav
This has been very well thought out - I love the way you managed to get the curvature of the land to balance with the building so well. Nice touch with the border too for extra balance.
st-barbie Jul 8, 2003   Photographer
I love the way this photo has amazing curves and interesting shapes ... it all is so smooth and lets the eye wonder very nicely....very yum
:O (Eek) 400mb! Yikes...I love how this has a washed-out look, almost like watercolor. Glad you enjoyed the concert!
blacklaser Jul 8, 2003   Digital Artist
yeah, great shot! Nice colors and forms!
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