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Really Fallen by tigaer Really Fallen by tigaer
shooted in the 90s. not by myself... i think my mother on a trip to berlin... don't know really. just tested my new scanner - i love these photos... they have some sort of power... history.

for me the falling of the wall has opened a rather new world to explore - the west. i was born 1982 in bitterfeld, near halle, former east germany... i was too little and haven't heard much of the walls fall. but i still can remember an old news show in 1989 i have seen together with my mom.

the past 6-7 years i have learned a lot about the history of the wall... and now i understand.
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shih Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2002
i love this...

look like some old stuffs

nice job... i love the atmosphere~~
lachgeist Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2002
*rrrr* ich will wieder nach börlin!!! die stadt is sooooo hammageil mit oder ohne mauer *ffg* ;) (Wink)

xecho Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2002
i actally saw the fall of the wall
anyways nice shots
viperv6 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
..nice b+w shoot...but,i wish,i could forget the timearea.....befor the walls are falling...
stotty Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2002
I remember the day very well - :o (Eek) OK I'm not 5 - but shhh! - That was a huge move which changed peoples minds forever. It is so nice to see these pictures as a momento of such an event, it is really something we can never forget, there have been many changes in the course of history which I really wish cameras were invented earlier to capture..

These are great pictures and capture the emotions well. thank you.
cryxan Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2002
And once you learn the history, you never look at anything quite the same way. It really does change you, doesn't it?

In a small way, I can relate to what you're going through. I was born in Czechoslovakia, and my family left the country in 87. It wasn't until recently that I started reading up on the history, finding the political songs that were banned, etc. It's a really "wow" kind of feeling.


KaleidoKittles Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2002
I have to agree with corporatewhore, history is a powerful thing. I think this is a great set of photos. And the black and white used really gives them the classy look. You've done a nice job with the border as well. Very nice ;) (Wink)
corporatewhore Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2002
history is a powerful tool. you can learn quite a lot...

those are really nice photos.. the contrast and textures definitely captured my eye right away.
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July 2, 2002
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