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August 5, 2004
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Terragen - 69 by tigaer Terragen - 69 by tigaer proudly presents: terragen - 69


excuse the abstract title but i had no better ideas - even while working on the pic no good title came up in my mind. while the filename was 69.psd all the time i decided the give that 69 the honor to work as a title here. the 69 survived the whole 3 weeks i worked on the piece so... it seems right. ;) alright - what do we have here: the scenery we see here is not on earth, that's for sure. the whole environment looks very alien. i tried not to create a very realistic environment - more a not so common kind of ambience. with this piece i tried to negotiate a feeling off our world. to let you see things from the eyes of an alien eagle soaring through the skies of that far far away planet.


i tried to work out the shoreline with much more detail than usual. especially the water. in my opinion it's the best waterline i ever made. a whole day went into this. another thing i tried is the particular fog. i rendered a second pic from the same terrain with low fog setup and implemented it into my pic - it worked nicely after some alterations. the planet took me a while and i'm not 100% satisfied with that bastard - though a lot of work went into that part too.

aside that... some people think i add my textures via terragen and surface maps. no i don't - all the texturing you see in my pieces are completely done in photoshop. i don't have the terragen knowledge to do that directly inside the program - and see no need to do that. i have much more control over all the details when i add and alter these things manually in PS.


rendered with // terragen ver. 9.19
rendered resolution // 3800x2850
rendering time // 2 renders - ca. 8 hours
render without post process // [link]
post process done in // photoshop cs
post process time // ca. 25 hours
total filesize // *.psd with a res. of 3800x2750 -> 245mb
total layers // ca. 60
inspired by // n/a

happy viewing... =)

update - aug. 28th 2004

reworked the planet to make it look a bit better - added an atmosphere. also added a pair new rings to the planet to bring in more depth.
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OnsaNywaree Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is just...stunning...where would you ever find a place like this in the universe?
humanfly82 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2011
it's really outstanding, and we have featured your work on our fresh-started blog - [link]

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Genbe89 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010
I remember I couldn't get tarragon, I thought I was but instead I got a tool bar.
AntiTails Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
This is amazing, I love it
TylerCreatesWorlds Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Im feelin the post work texture you've done, thats legit. The planet could use a little cleaning up but those mountains are sick. Good work.
CheeseKing1985 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
You ought to make one like this of a really hot planet where the water is lava and the rocks and cracks glow. That would be freakin sweet.
CheeseKing1985 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
This is THE best thing I've ever seen done by terragen!
the-Oblivion Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2009

How did you make the fog/mist?
Nazo-The-Unsolvable Featured By Owner May 23, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't get it... every time I make something in terragen, it always comes out a bit... polygonal. How do you get it so smooth..?
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