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July 24, 2002
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Terragen - Coast of Enedwaith by tigaer Terragen - Coast of Enedwaith by tigaer
took some time to create a new terragen work. finally i had made one of my latest ideas come true. the idea to create and build one of the great landscapes from the lord of the rings. i was so fascinated about how the books describe these majestic and magic lands. so i packed my skills together with terragen and photoshop and created something what could look like a region out of the books. finally, the coast of enedwaith... how i would imagine it.

ps: i orientated myself a bit on some cards/maps from middleearth which i've found in the inet.

hope you like it, happy viewing...
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charmedy Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2006   Digital Artist
You have a very beautiful gallery, your pieces are exceptional.
melancholy-designs Featured By Owner May 21, 2006
If only the world was still this beautiful.. =)
Blade707 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004  Student Photographer
wow, this is amazing! you have always put your real efort into your art, i really like this and you shoiuld continue with the lord of the rings theme!
Aesh-Alan Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004
great landscape!! really nice: :) :+fav:
manicO9 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004   Writer
crazy light play
like the colors
paranoidinhell Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004
well, some pieces of it are really nice, other lack... the water is less then I'm used to from pieces of you, to jagerred ..the sky has really nice parts and rays but on the other hand it has the part were white becomes black really to quick (imho).
The terrain is absolutely amasing :) - even tough I dont get it how quick the big mountains on the right end...
Nice piece overall but you got better ones out there imo ... its always good to get inspirated by that book anyways :)
zweet-reet Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004
Wow very nice.
You made the whole terrain with the terrain tool ?
Nice sunrays too. I must say this is a very nice Terragen render.
tigaer Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
that's not only terragen... there is a lot of post work in photoshop that gives all the little things that make this piece special.
sbrooden Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004
awesome work man keept it up:D
Shawn12345 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004
Awesome!!! But how did u make that water???
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