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Terragen - Nightshade Five by tigaer Terragen - Nightshade Five by tigaer
hello there... here's another one of my nightshade terragen series. this one will be the last one so far. hope you like it =) (Smile) happy viewing...
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Zebidy Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
so awesome
stotty Featured By Owner May 12, 2002
Passing through your gallery..

Came across this.

Nice work..and nice post processing too...shame terragen can't get the sun to do that..and shame terragen has banding in the clouds..we can't have everything...I think this has to be the best and most realistic terragen scene in your gallery..
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udha Featured By Owner May 9, 2002
Ok ok, you have been pumping out heaps of cool terragen images, way above average, in my view, maybe you could make a tutorial or something ??
mimithefeline Featured By Owner May 1, 2002
All i can say is "WOW", when i saw it that was the first thing that came out of my mough (sorry can't spell it i'm useless) i see that u don't want to be thanked by me for u commenting on my work so i'm commenting on your work (don't take it the wrong way i wanted to comment any way). YAY!
discodann Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2002
cool work dude, i am also a scenery type artist, and i know how hard it is to get that dang sun in the exact place where it is perfect, and you did it this time:) (Smile) water looks great too:P (Razz)
bren Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002

wow...very beautiful. Especially the water...I love the way it looks. :) (Smile)
bookdiva Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002
Great reflection and ripples in the water, total overall effect is very nicely done.
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KaleidoKittles Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002
Very nice, I think this is my favorite so far :) (Smile) I love the water in this and the texture of it. Also the clouds and sun setting are great
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the-vickie Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002
this is great! really really good, i've tryed out terragen too, but ya obviously hvae understanded it much better than i did *giggle*

Vickie herself
imx Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002
the light is kinda set perfect!
i like it very much
maybe do it in a another reso
like 1280 or so
pLz drop some comments [link]

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April 26, 2002
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